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  1. We currently have Head Up, Relative Motion, and True Motion in our consumer version. We will implement North Up & Course Up in the future updates. We will offer this on both the Consumer and Commercial versions. We try to keep very minor differences between the two versions, with the End User License Agreement being the biggest difference. The Commercial version will have one difference in simulation though, which is FU (follow-up) and NFU (non-follow-up) modes for the ship's rudder. The average customer would probably have no clue when/where this is used in maritime scenarios, so to avoid confusion, this feature will not be present in the Consumer version.
  2. This roadmap will be updated regularly. Last edit: October 11, 2022 Legend: Blue highlight = released Green highlight = currently in-progress ================================================================== Gameplay Features: The following gameplay features are planned. This list is subject to change without notice. NMEA Support —---------------------------- DONE & UPDATE RELEASED! Ability to use NMEA to connect to ECDIS (e.g. OpenCPN) -------- DONE & UPDATE RELEASED Oct 2022! Modding Support —---------------------------- DONE & UPDATE RELEASED! Adding own vessels by importing 3D model -------- DONE & UPDATE RELEASED! AES encrypting / protecting 3D model & reading AES encrypted format -------- DONE & UPDATE RELEASED! Ship dynamics editing via .cfg config file -------- DONE & UPDATE RELEASED! October 2022: we disabled modding due to a bug with the new rendering / code system. This bug causes the system to freeze, requiring users to go to Task Manager to force shut the program down. We are currently fixing this and will re-enable modding soon. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. Multiplayer Multiple ships in a single environment via Forest Studio's dedicated servers -- currently in progress Pause Menu —----------------------------------DONE & UPDATE RELEASED! Graphics Options in Pause Menu —-------DONE & UPDATE RELEASED! Realism settings in Pause Menu —--------DONE & UPDATE RELEASED! ================================================================== Ports - coming as free updates: The following ports are planned. This list is subject to change without notice. Some ports and scenery may contain autogen due to size. Geographic accuracy will not be compromised. United Kingdom: Folkestone --- Released as part of Dover scenery (one big scene) July 2022 Port Talbot --- Released as part of Dover scenery (one big scene) July 2022 Swansea --- Released as part of Dover scenery (one big scene) July 2022 France: Dunkerque (Dunkirk Port)--- Released as part of Calais scenery (one big scene) July 2022 Germany: Hamburg —----(CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS) Canada Vancouver Harbour (port of Vancouver) --- Released October 2022 Inside Passage Canadian Ferry Routes: Horseshoe Bay ferry routes --- Released July 2022 United States: San Francisco Asia: Singapore Hong Kong Australia: Sydney —----(CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS) ================================================================== Ships - coming as free updates: The following ships are planned. This list is subject to change without notice. Passenger Vessels: Cruise ship - Celebrity Eclipse —----(CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS) Different ferry models in addition to the currently released ferry for various routes Fast Ferry (Red Jet 7?) Cargo Vessels: Container Ship Horseshoe Bay ferry routes --- Released July 2022 Multi-purpose Cargo Vessel Vessels < 500 tonnes Fishing Trawler —----(CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS) Whale Watch Tour Boat Luxury Yacht
  3. The following are confirmed bugs in our bug tracker. Please ensure a bug you are experiencing is not on this list before sending it to our Dev Team to avoid duplicates. This post will be edited as we go. RESOLVED & UPDATE RELEASED ON STEAM: [Camera] ECIDS camera perspective fixed to 2D [Camera] Bridge walkthrough camera WSAD controls slow down drastically [Menu] Loading screen now loads asynchronously December 22, 2021 update: [Model] Collision Issues with Dover Wall [Model] Ship Nav Lights - position issues [Model] Big blob of water at the bow of the tug [Game Logic] Time compression will automatically turn off when FPS dips below 10 [Game Logic] Orbit camera speed lowered [Ship Controller] Engines astern power is not enough on the cruise ferry [Weather] Foggy weather does not have fog 😂 [Menu] Graphics settings: set fullscreen, vsync, resolution [Ship Controller] Tug ship dynamics - ship handling improved [Ship Controller] Ferry dynamics - ship handling improved [GUI] Conning Display now shows speed and heading [GUI] Conning Display "steer mode" cosmetic changes December 22, 2021 - Hotfix 1: [GUI] Fixed a bug that had the previous scenario's GUI remain on screen when loading another scenario December 23, 2021: [Ship Controller] Fixed a bug that broke the bow thruster [GUI] Radar: relative motion trails now permanent. Clear Trails button added. [GUI] Radar: radar image is now sharper December 23, 2021 - midnight hotfix: [Ship Controller] Greatly improved deceleration ship dynamics [Modding] Added support to allow modding the deceleration dynamics via the individual ship config file January 06, 2022: [Physics] Sinking behaviour & ship bouncing issues when underwater. This is not a bug, as it is just the physics engine. However, we will find a "hack" around this. January 11, 2022: [Ship Controller] Bow / stern thrusters should not have any effect at speeds > 5 knots [Weather] Wind / tide effects are locked at north / 0 degrees. This somehow got broken when we implemented the brand new ocean system. Will fix asap. RESOLVED & NOT YET RELEASED ON STEAM: [ - ] CURRENTLY BEING WORKED ON: [Weather] Too much reflection on the water CONFIRMED: [Model] Radar antennas bend when running the simulator at x10 time compression [Game Logic] Radar range jumps from 6nm to 15nm. Should be 6, 12, and 24 nm. [Game Logic] Conning arrows should indicate which way bow/stern are moving, respectively. UNDER INVESTIGATION: [ - ] NOT A BUG: [ - ] Last edit: 01/13/2022 (MM/DD/YYYY format)
  4. One of the challenges we hit with trying to take preview screenshots our product, BridgeTeam: Ship Simulator, is the fact that static screenshots are simply not immersive enough. It doesn't give the user the level of immersion one would get if one were to actually be in a position to take command of a vessel at sea. We have decided to answer this immersion question by bringing our previews over to Driftspace -- an app that allows VR users to experience the entire BridgeTeam environment in VR. We have a video of the ocean system in a 360 degree video and we plan to add the various ships' bridges as part of this preview. As we approach the weekend, we have released an initial 360 video, called a "drift", on Driftspace. You can find out more about Driftspace here: https://www.driftspace.com/ and the page to install: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/5724610690913209/ Search for the drift called "Tug at Dover" -- download to view and you'll be greeted with our tugboat at the Port of Dover, waiting to assist a vessel into the busy harbour. While we will still provide static screenshots, we plan to keep dev update videos (other than official trailers) on Driftspace for the time being to help promote the level of immersion. We want this simulator to be used not just for armchair ship piloting, but also for realistic immersive experiences of being at sea. If you have any questions about BridgeTeam's previews on Driftspace, we're here to help! Join us on Discord or comment down below and a member of our team will reach out to you to help you get up and running.
  5. Bridge Team: Ship Simulator aims to provide commercial level simulation accuracy in a consumer product sold on Steam, making it in the category of "Serious Game". That said, we've received a couple of questions regarding how pricing would work, and whether customers could use it in a commercial setting. To answer your questions: the Consumer Edition sold on Steam and the Commercial Edition are nearly identical. Which means, the accurate features such as wind/tide effects, a fully simulated radar with EBL/VRM/Trails, or autopilot with waypoints/heading control/speed control -- these are all available in the Consumer Edition to provide the consumer a very accurate ship simulator -- something previous developers refused to do because it competed against their training simulator. The catch is: the EULA (end user license agreement) for the Consumer Edition prohibits use of the software in a revenue-generating environment: meaning you cannot charge money (such as tickets or education tuition) with the Consumer Edition. To use our software in a revenue-generating environment, you must purchase a Commercial Edition. Long story short: if you plan to use Bridge Team: Ship Simulator at home, you can buy a copy off Steam. If you plan to use Bridge Team: Ship Simulator in an environment where you make money letting people use the software (a school, training centre, museum, etc.), you must purchase a Commercial Edition from us, as accordance with the EULA (end user license agreement). Hope that answers your questions. For prospective commercial customers, please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions. Cheers, - HC
  6. Haidro

    Trailer 1

    As announced at the London Startup Fair, we are currently working full swing on Bridge Team: Ship Simulator. Bridge Team is a ship navigation simulator to build off the existing Ship Simulator series. We are not affiliated with the original developers in any way; however, we recognize that a new ship sim is long overdue and many of us at Forest Studio have either owned the previous ship sim titles before, or have great interests in maritime simulation. Hence, we set to work on our own, and we have ambitions to release a Steam Early Access version this year. You may check out our trailer at the link below. Note: everything is actually very heavily outdated, as that trailer was shot in Feb. 2021 and two months later, very great amounts of work have been put in, so I have included the trailer only as a preview - the current version is 20x better looking. We will be giving regular updates very soon, as the product is entering a good phase that we can start showing more of it off. Cheers, - HC TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w526w7VL_Y0
  7. I've just realized that members are not able to download the Test Connection within this forum. This is my oversight with the permissions; apologies to those of you who were trying to download this for the inconvenience. This has now been fixed. You must sign-in in order to download the test files. Cheers,
  8. Haidro

    How it works?

    Hey, Thanks for your purchase. Please have port 32000 forwarded for the person who is taking control. Have this same person go to whatsmyip.org and grab that public IP. Afterwards, have the person taking control launch the Server window, and the person with the simulator (receiving control) launch the Client window. Ensure the server is started, and then on the client, go ahead and follow the steps written on the client window (the step 1, step 2, etc.) If you have any further questions, feel free to let us know, or if you prefer a member of our team to walk you through the process step by step, we can do that as well on our public Discord server with invite code: h7puYEe
  9. Hi all, If you would like to test and see if you and your partner can establish a connection to use SkyShare before purchasing, I've built server and client test files for you to run. They are command line console programs that simply just connect to each other - you can use this to see if you will be able to successfully connect to your partner, or if there is something blocking your connection (e.g. antivirus / firewall). They are attached to this forum post. Download and run - that's it! Before running the program(s) -- ensure whomever is running the server has port 32000 forwarded as TCP in their router. Cheers, SkyShare Test Connection.zip
  10. Hi all, We've tracked the installer issue down to only customers with MS Store or XBox GamePass copies having this issue; my entire company staff and I run the Steam version, hence, we never caught this issue when testing. If you are affected by this issue, please open a support ticket with us. I have authorized those handling Support to distribute copies of a .zip file to you, which contains all of the binaries / .exe files for SkyShare for a manual installation (your Support Tech will show you how, just unzip to desktop or any folder you want). Appreciate everyone's patience and thank you again for your continued support!
  11. Interesting, alright. When I am back home, I will reach out to you via DM and let's schedule a time so you can come on our corporate Discord to address this issue further. At the very worst, if we can't get the installer to work, I'll just drop you a .zip version of SkyShare so you can manually install it. Just make sure you manually uninstall it when we push an update.
  12. This looks like something with the simMarket installer not detecting a specific file in your system. Can you reach out to simMarket's support at: https://secure.simmarket.com/customerservice.php And keep us posted, in case there is something also required on our end. Thanks,
  13. With SkyShare being released, we are already looking at the horizon ahead for all of us here at Forest Studio. We have ongoing projects, including one that isn't MSFS-related, but... we'll talk about that at another time 😁 For SkyShare, our plans are: Linux and macOS support for SkyShare Server (co-pilot, who doesn't need the sim installed) Note - the Client is the SDK-based window that controls the aircraft after receiving input, so that cannot be ported. Only the Server can. Support for multiple throttles Rudder support Yoke support -- currently in progress This will be a free Service Pack 1 update for all customers in the next week or two. New customers after the release of SP1 will get the update automatically when downloading. I appreciate each and every one of you for your support towards my new startup. It has been amazing to watch our aspiring dream of releasing a flight sim addon turn to reality as we released SkyShare. Thank you to those of you who have purchased -- we see the numbers growing, and we all say thank you for your support! For future projects, our team of 5 is planning to grow! If you are interested in working with the MSFS SDK and would like to work with us, please feel free to get in touch! We do have a requirement of 18+, as you will be required to sign an NDA, but exceptions may be made if labour laws in your country / area of residence allow and we feel you would be an excellent addition to our team.
  14. RELEASED! It's live! Go check it out now! Link here: https://secure.simmarket.com/forest-studio-skyshare-shared-cockpit-controls.phtml Thank you everyone for your support! It means so much to all of us at Forest Studio. All the messages / emails about how you're looking forward to the release -- thank you! Just a bit more waiting and you'll have this in your hands very soon!
  15. Starting this thread to post some preview screenshots as we go along up to release. Here is the first one, with me acting as the copilot with the SkyShare Server, utilizing Skype's screensharing function.
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