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    Hello, Since you managed to get both the server and client working I am assuming that the software is working as intended. SkyShare is not a shared cockpit plugin but rather share controls. So whoever has the client open will need to screen share their aircraft so the person who has the server open can control their aircraft. If you have anymore questions please let us know. Thanks.
  2. v1_Rotate

    How it works?

    It appears that this issue has been solved.
  3. Well howdy! Since the release of SkyShare we have been having tonnes of support from the community and we have enjoyed helping you with any issues that may have while using our product. We're committed to making your life easier and so we have implemented a support ticket system which is up right now! We highly recommend using that, as we get notifications when someone creates a ticket -- meaning you get assisted even faster than before. If you still wish to use our forum, that is completely fine as well! If you wish to contact us directly, the support ticket portal is the best place for that. https://foreststudio.freshdesk.com/support/home
  4. Hello everyone! It would be reasonable to assume that you're looking for some help regarding one of our products since you're looking the Support topic of our forum. We do have some simple requests that we ask you to keep in mind when posting. Those being: Ensure that your issue has not already been answered in another post, refrain from posting inside someone else's post since it can add delays. Please put the subject of your issue in the Title Describe the issue that you have been having including when it occurs If you have tried something already please do tell us since it can make your ticket progress quicker Attaching a picture or video of the issue is highly recommended since we can what is actually happening instead of assuming. Say whether or not you're open to chatting with our virtual support agent, @FSIoan, on Discord. We are here to help you and will ensure that your ticket is handled promptly. Thank you!
  5. It appears that this issue has been handled. If you're having the same problem please see this post:
  6. @njt522 Sorry I should have been clearer with you, my apologies. When you're in the User folder please go to View which is at the top and it should open another row of options. Within those new option if you direct your attention to the right side of it you will see three checkbox options with one of them saying "Hidden items". If you select that you should be able to find the Appdata folder. Thank you for your patience and I am sorry that you're having this issue.
  7. @njt522 Do you mind going to the following Directory: C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator and posting a screenshot of what the contents are of the folder.
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