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How it works?


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My friend and I bought the program. Installed. And we don't understand what to do next. 
What conditions and settings should be in the simulator? Where is the normal manual? 
In what is told about port forwarding and about antiviruses, but not about setting up the connection process. 
Money wasted. Hope you can help. If not, I will ask for a refund in the store.
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Thanks for your purchase. Please have port 32000 forwarded for the person who is taking control. Have this same person go to whatsmyip.org and grab that public IP. Afterwards, have the person taking control launch the Server window, and the person with the simulator (receiving control) launch the Client window. Ensure the server is started, and then on the client, go ahead and follow the steps written on the client window (the step 1, step 2, etc.) 


If you have any further questions, feel free to let us know, or if you prefer a member of our team to walk you through the process step by step, we can do that as well on our public Discord server with invite code: h7puYEe


Henry C.

CEO & Code Team Lead

Forest Studio Co., a division of Enrych Media Ltd. 

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