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  2. One of the challenges we hit with trying to take preview screenshots our product, BridgeTeam: Ship Simulator, is the fact that static screenshots are simply not immersive enough. It doesn't give the user the level of immersion one would get if one were to actually be in a position to take command of a vessel at sea. We have decided to answer this immersion question by bringing our previews over to Driftspace -- an app that allows VR users to experience the entire BridgeTeam environment in VR. We have a video of the ocean system in a 360 degree video and we plan to add the various ships' bridges as part of this preview. As we approach the weekend, we have released an initial 360 video, called a "drift", on Driftspace. You can find out more about Driftspace here: https://www.driftspace.com/ and the page to install: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/5724610690913209/ Search for the drift called "Tug at Dover" -- download to view and you'll be greeted with our tugboat at the Port of Dover, waiting to assist a vessel into the busy harbour. While we will still provide static screenshots, we plan to keep dev update videos (other than official trailers) on Driftspace for the time being to help promote the level of immersion. We want this simulator to be used not just for armchair ship piloting, but also for realistic immersive experiences of being at sea. If you have any questions about BridgeTeam's previews on Driftspace, we're here to help! Join us on Discord or comment down below and a member of our team will reach out to you to help you get up and running.
  3. Bridge Team: Ship Simulator aims to provide commercial level simulation accuracy in a consumer product sold on Steam, making it in the category of "Serious Game". That said, we've received a couple of questions regarding how pricing would work, and whether customers could use it in a commercial setting. To answer your questions: the Consumer Edition sold on Steam and the Commercial Edition are nearly identical. Which means, the accurate features such as wind/tide effects, a fully simulated radar with EBL/VRM/Trails, or autopilot with waypoints/heading control/speed control -- these are all available in the Consumer Edition to provide the consumer a very accurate ship simulator -- something previous developers refused to do because it competed against their training simulator. The catch is: the EULA (end user license agreement) for the Consumer Edition prohibits use of the software in a revenue-generating environment: meaning you cannot charge money (such as tickets or education tuition) with the Consumer Edition. To use our software in a revenue-generating environment, you must purchase a Commercial Edition. Long story short: if you plan to use Bridge Team: Ship Simulator at home, you can buy a copy off Steam. If you plan to use Bridge Team: Ship Simulator in an environment where you make money letting people use the software (a school, training centre, museum, etc.), you must purchase a Commercial Edition from us, as accordance with the EULA (end user license agreement). Hope that answers your questions. For prospective commercial customers, please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions. Cheers, - HC
  4. As announced at the London Startup Fair, we are currently working full swing on Bridge Team: Ship Simulator. Bridge Team is a ship navigation simulator to build off the existing Ship Simulator series. We are not affiliated with the original developers in any way; however, we recognize that a new ship sim is long overdue and many of us at Forest Studio have either owned the previous ship sim titles before, or have great interests in maritime simulation. Hence, we set to work on our own, and we have ambitions to release a Steam Early Access version this year. You may check out our trailer at the link below. Note: everything is actually very heavily outdated, as that trailer was shot in Feb. 2021 and two months later, very great amounts of work have been put in, so I have included the trailer only as a preview - the current version is 20x better looking. We will be giving regular updates very soon, as the product is entering a good phase that we can start showing more of it off. Cheers, - HC TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w526w7VL_Y0
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