Bridge Team: Ship Simulator

Highly realistic ship simulator with realistic instruments and stunning graphics.

The community is long overdue for a ship simulator, with its last iteration being one released in 2010.
Forest Studio is picking up from where the title has left off (we are NOT affiliated with the original devs in any way) and offering brand new ships, environments, and the features the community has been wanting.

Before being a game, it is above all a precise and realistic simulator. We have developed many navigation tools to offer the most immersive experience possible, such as radar, navigation GPS (ECDIS), and more.

Discover the simulator in preview thanks to a release in Early Access, available very soon!

Navigation instruments

We are very proud to be able to say that we have one of the most detailed and realistic radar that has been developed! It contains an impressive number of details and will allow you to navigate in any weather condition.
We are also developing a maritime GPS, called ECDIS, as well as other instruments, such as speed, direction dials.

This screenshot below highlights the possibility of switching between Relative Motion Trails and True Motion Trails.

Realistics ships

We have worked hard to offer ships that are closest to reality, both in terms of the handling of the ship and its interior and exterior modeling. In addition, you can customize the handling of each ship according to your wishes thanks to our configuration file!

At the moment, two ships are available, a gigantic cruise ferry, and a small harbor tug.


The simulator offers detailed environments that are faithful to what we find in real life, with up-to-date graphics.

To allow you several hours of sailing without monotony, we have full sections of UK and France, which means you not only get the Port of Dover and Calais in Early Access, but you can also explore a good part of the UK. And the map is huge! More environments, such as through indoor channels, will be available in future updates.

The first mission will take you from Dover to Calais, the opportunity to discover the port of Calais and the port of Dover as if you were there!

Dynamic weather and time

This menu (the fantastic implementation from Ian once again) allows you to set the time of day, the weather from presets, or customise your own weather with the sliders, and it renders it in real-time. Meaning: you instantly see your changes.

Want to see how the ship reacts to big waves? Sure!
Want to see how the ship looks at night/day? Sure!

The possibilities are endless. Only in BridgeTeam: Ship Simulator!


  • When will BridgeTeam: Ship Simulator be available ?
  • We are aiming for a release date of December 17, 2021.

  • Where can I buy the simulator?
  • You can buy it here from the Steam store.

  • What versions are available?
  • There will be 2 versions for home use:
    - BridgeTeam Standard
    - BridgeTeam Professional

  • What languages are available?
  • English for the moment, other languages will come as updates.

  • How much does the simulator cost?
  • We are aiming for the $30 USD range for Early Access, with the price eventually increased to $40 USD for the finished product. Of course, Early Access customers will receive constant updates to the finished product free of charge, as they are purchasing the game early.

    For BridgeTeam Professional, pricing for this will come later on.

    And for commercial use (museum, exhibition, anything that charges money to use):
    prospective customers are welcome to contact us directly.

  • What is the difference between the standard version and the professional version?
  • BridgeTeam Professional will contain the more advanced features, such as the realistic radar echos, FU & NFU steering mode, and similar tools usually only professional mariners will ask for / know how to use exactly.

  • What platforms is it available on?
  • It will be available on Windows, Linux and Mac.

  • Will it be possible to play in multiplayer?
  • Of course! This will come in early 2022.

  • Will it be possible to create our own ships?
  • Yes! This feature will be available in future updates, as mods.
    From now on, you can configure the dynamics of each ship as you wish, and even share your configuration with your friends!

  • Will the simulator require a lot of graphics power?
  • Absolutely not. The simulator has been optimized for a long time to allow everyone to be able to use it, provided they have a dedicated graphics card (no integrated chipset).
    For more information, see the system requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • Processor : Any processor with 2 or more cores
  • Memory : 4GB
  • Video card : Any NVIDIA or AMD dedicated GPU with 4GB VRAM
  • Hard disk space : 5GB
  • Internet : Broadband Internet connection required at all times.
  • Notes : Time compression feature is dependent on clock speed.