Development and Simulation

Our Journey Begins

Forest Studio Co., along with its parent company, Enrych Media Ltd., was founded on July 2020 when our CEO decided to step away from the professional aircraft simulator industry to focus on the entertainment industry. We are currently working on a ship simulator to pick up from the previous releases - more details just below.

Project 1: SkyShare [Released August 2020]

SkyShare allows you to stream your joystick input across the network, allowing you to have shared cockpit controls functionality. This is a tool written for the newly released Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Note: this tool allows you to share your flight controls input only, thus, making it compatible with almost any aircraft that is compatible with a joystick. Please see our product page and forum for further info.

Project 2: Bridge Team: Ship Simulator [Released December 2021]

Bridge Team: Ship Simulator is our next project, this time diving into the world of Unity, cross-platform support, and VR (virtual reality) support.

The community is long overdue for a ship simulator, with its last iteration being one released in 2010. Forest Studio is picking up from where the title has left off (we are NOT affiliated with the original devs in any way) and offering brand new ships, environments, and the features the community has been wanting, including (but not limited to):

- full RADAR with EBL/VRM/blue & yellow colour scheme,

- full ship autopilot

- wind & tide effects

- accurate simulation model

- graphics up to 2021 standards

- optional VR support

and more!

We have many new updated screenshots on our social medias. Check them out for the lastest development screenshots:

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