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Hello everyone!


It would be reasonable to assume that you're looking for some help regarding one of our products since you're looking the Support topic of our forum. We do have some simple requests that we ask you to keep in mind when posting. Those being:

  • Ensure that your issue has not already been answered in another post, refrain from posting inside someone else's post since it can add delays.
  • Please put the subject of your issue in the Title
  • Describe the issue that you have been having including when it occurs
  • If you have tried something already please do tell us since it can make your ticket progress quicker
  • Attaching a picture or video of the issue is highly recommended since we can what is actually happening instead of assuming.
  • Say whether or not you're open to chatting with our virtual support agent, @FSIoan, on Discord.

We are here to help you and will ensure that your ticket is handled promptly.


Thank you!

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