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Roadmap (What's Coming in Future Updates!)


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This roadmap will be updated regularly. Last edit: Jan 17, 2022


Gameplay Features:

The following gameplay features are planned. This list is subject to change without notice.


Modding Support —---------------------------- DONE & UPDATE RELEASED!

  • Adding own vessels by importing 3D model -------- DONE & UPDATE RELEASED!

  • AES encrypting / protecting 3D model & reading AES encrypted format -------- DONE & UPDATE RELEASED!

  • Ship dynamics editing via .cfg config file -------- DONE & UPDATE RELEASED!



  1. Multiple ships in a single environment via Forest Studio’s dedicated server connection

  2. Multiple people controlling one single ship 


Pause Menu —----------------------------------DONE & UPDATE RELEASED!

Graphics Options in Pause Menu —-------DONE & UPDATE RELEASED!

Realism settings in Pause Menu —--------DONE & UPDATE RELEASED!


Virtual Reality:

  • VR support - phase one

  • VR support + controller / hands support - phase two




Ports - coming as free updates:

The following ports are planned. This list is subject to change without notice.

Some ports and scenery may contain autogen due to size. Geographic accuracy will not be compromised. 


United Kingdom:

  • Folkestone

  • Port Talbot

  • Swansea



  • Dunkerque (Dunkirk Port)



  • Hamburg —----(CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS)



  • Vancouver Harbour

  • Inside Passage


Canadian Ferry Routes:

  • Horseshoe Bay - Departure Bay 

  • Tsawwassen - Swartz Bay

  • Port Hardy - Prince Rupert


United States:

  • San Francisco



  • Singapore

  • Hong Kong



  • Sydney




Ships - coming as free updates:

The following ships are planned. This list is subject to change without notice.


Passenger Vessels:

  • Cruise ship - Celebrity Eclipse —----(CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS)

  • Different ferry models in addition to the currently released ferry for various routes

  • Fast Ferry (Red Jet 7?) 


Cargo Vessels:

  • Container Ship - small size

  • Container Ship - medium size

  • Container Ship - largest size

  • Bulk Carrier

  • Multi-purpose Cargo Vessel


Vessels < 500 tonnes

  • Fishing Trawler —----(CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS)

  • Whale Watch Tour Boat

  • Luxury Yacht 

Henry C.

CEO & Code Team Lead

Forest Studio Co., a division of Enrych Media Ltd. 

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